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Well, this is goodbye!

I’d just like to take the time to thank you all so much once again for all of your continued support and interest in my products. You’ve been wonderful customers, friends, and kpop fans altogether. :D Thank you all so much for being patient with me when things weren’t working out very well or when I got behind on things. It really was very important to me. This has been such a wonderful experience and it’s possible I’ll do something like this again soon. I do have another idea. :3 I will not be deleting this tumblr but I will be closing the shop after I finish writing this, I do leave for college in the morning, you know. I’d love for you to all continue to follow this tumblr however, in case I do decide to start things back up. You won’t have to worry about any posts on your dash, like I said, unless I come up with something new. So once again, thank you all SO much, and I hope you all have a wonderful school year and rock those lanyards like the awesome lanyard owners you are. xD


Orders being sent 8/13/11
  • Claudia, FL
  • Kevin, CA
  • Aeriel, TX
  • Mindy, CA
  • Thao-Mandy, CA
Received Concealed Cash 8/12/11
  • Aeriel, TX
Orders that will be sent 8/9/11
  • Heidi, Canada
  • Ly, CA
  • Leona, HI
  • Jason, CA
  • Jennifer, NV
  • Clara, CA
  • Kate, UT
Received Concealed Cash 8/8/11
  • Clara, CA
  • Jennifer, NV
Received concealed cash 7/27/11

Mindy, CA
Thao-Mandy, CA
Claudia, FL
Kevin, CA

Guys, I am /so/ sorry.

I got a new job and had two week intensive full time training and had absolutely no time even for the computer. Also, I have an iphone so I barely ever go on the computer as it is and the tumblr app sucks. ;~; I’m going to be updating received cash tonight as well as packaging orders and sending them out.

Anonymous said: So, I live in the U.K, London to be specific, so if I happened to order by Pay Pal would it still work, I mean like would the money get to you in USD?
I asked this same question to many other shops because I'm going to be ordering a big batch for over 60 people, and I'm just deciding which shop to order from.

Yes, it’ll covert to USD for me. ^^

Anonymous said: When are you ordering more SHINee lanyards?

I’m not

Anonymous said: what lanyards are you selling at the moment?


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